Tricks To Change Facebook Login Screen Background

we know that Facebook is the best platform to chat sharing images video and thoughts. To make our photos and video go viral we make many changes and makes our profile pretty cool and good looking. Facebook has default login background, but there is an option to change our Facebook login screen back ground. I am sure that 70 percent of people don’t know that how to do this ? So I am going to reveal the method to change the login image.

How To Change Facebook Login Background:

Facebook is the top social media sites in the world and millions of people use Facebook daily to connect from friends and family sharing sticker videos and images to loved one. there is no any option is available on Facebook sites to change screen background but it is possible due to third party I,e a extension “Fb Refresh” so by using Facebook refresh extension we can change various images. so here is the step by step method to changing Facebook login screen background image.

First of all install the fb refresh chrome extension here
then go to the Tool Option and extension and find the installed fb refresh extension like shown below image
Now click on the option menu , a pop up window will be open and ask for the image url
Go to the Google images search which you like
Now right click on the images and copy their image URL
and past the image URL as Shown in the figure below and click save.
Refresh the Facebook login page and Done you will see your changes login screen background.

Conclusion :

Here we Have learn How to change Facebook login background images by a simple chrome extension. if you have any problem in installing and changing the background feel free to raise your voice in the comment box and don’t forget to share with your friends and social media sites like to get more people benefit .

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