How To Recover Micro SD Card 32Gb Lost Data

Hi friends we come back with new articles how remove locked memory card password.we know that memory card stores important essential data or personal data .sometimes we create password before giving someone or as a human beings we forget the password.and we know that we can’t access locked memory card we are going to tell you top tricks how to remove password/recover memory card data.

tricks 1: should have Symbian operating system mobile phone
2.insert your memory card into it
3. download fexplorar and install it into your phone
4.after install fexplorar go to c : drive and search for “MMCSTORE.txt“ the “MMCSTORE.txt“ file in notepad .
6.go to the bottom of text file you will find your password

tricks 2:
1. repeat the step 1 2 and 3 as above mentioned in tricks 1.
2. After that install X-plore into your Symbian mobile.
3. Now after you had installed open it and press (0) zero.
4. Select options “Show the system files”.
5. Now move to C:/Sys/Data/Mmcstore
6. You had to press 3 to go switch on HEX Viewer
You will find some thing like TMSD12G (j ??”? x???5?2?3?4)
8. Remove all “?” you will get your password similar like 1234.

hope you all finds the tricks to how remove password of micro SD card if any doubts please write in comment box i will help you regarding this..

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