Nuvolat Cloud Group: Private Cloud

Nuvolat provides white-labeled enterprise standard cloud infrastructure to get higher of 70%. You will able to run your first virtual system in no time with its robust, scalable cloud-secured technology. Excited? Read this comprehensive guide for a  Nuvolat Review.

Nuvolat Cloud Group implemented with multiple excessive bandwidth and power options. Centrilogic gives it enough options to be a perfect hosting solution for a private or public entity.

Nuvolat Review

Create Your Own Brand for Cloud Offering

NuvoCloud transforms your business to the new level with a fully flexible enterprise cloud service. It understands the current market’s and presents your own brand information along with additional to the customers according to your choice.

Cost effective Work

You can choose CAPEX or OPEX model with extensive budget-friendly monthly payments. Make your own upfront purchase model with it. You have got two low low-risk business models to tap into multi-million dollar market.   Reduce Complexity by Using the Nuvolat Global Management Console

Using the Nuvolat Global Management Console to Decrease Complexity

The Pre-hosted Global Management Console (GMC in short) presents a comprehensive self-service machinery of virtual tasks at hand with automation on all business process.

GMC comes with completely white-labeled and allows your own multi-tier channel Cloud operator portal.

Back-End Brilliance

NuvoCloud runs on Nuvolat vRun Platform. It is powered by the industry-standard hypervisors along with flash acceleration which built on VMware vSphere or KVM hypervisor. It hosted in US (based on SSAE) and ISO 27001 data center.

Default Backup and DR

Backup and DR is an internal part of NuvoCloud. It has built-in features such as Snapshots, cloning, rollback, sandbox mode virtualization and native block level inter-cluster replication.

It makes sure that you have every possible opportunity to recover your data in case of any disaster (error).

Dedicated Virtualization Infrastructure

It has dedicated Compute Node purchased or rental. Loaded and fully licensed with extremely powerful software and hosted at Nuvolat Datacenter in US.

Comprehensive Solution in addition to Appliance

  • Encrypted Data stored on highly secured cluster storage.
  • Complete Hosting Services (co-location and remote hands)
  • 24×7 support & maintenance including hardware replacement
  • Virtual Private Datacenter (LAN in the Cloud)
  • Dedicated Firewall and Load Balancer
  • Dedicated vLAN for your customers

Leasing Assistance

You have two options to acquire fund for your equipment. You can either pick one of the listed partners or try self-funding. Partners will assist you directly, allowing you the best possible rates in an intimate way.

Comprehensive Cloud Business Builder Program

Cloud Business BuilderYou will be a step ahead while you’re using Nuvolat. It delivers a well-functioned marketing tool to make all marketing stuff that you require.

It adjusts with your brand and its requirements.
Even they will make a product website for you just in case along with the advice on categorizing products, pricing, discount offers.

You can opt for their marketing plan as well. They will set it up and display reel in front of real customers about your products.





Free Cloud Migration of Your Customer Workloads

Your customer will have no compliant whatsoever especially when you have such a wonderful support team to provide assistance anytime.

Migrating process is real quick, safe and easy and hassle free off course. Nuvolat team will take care of everything. Just relax and leave the rest to the support stuff.

24×7 Infrastructure Support and Monitoring

Nuvolat team is mentoring from behind the scenes to enable 24*7 uninterrupted services to your customers always.  Special team and AppStack team pay close attention on DevOps and engineering to confirm it’s reliable and compatible of your own cloud environment.  **

Why Enterprises should go for Nuvolat Cloud Computing?


cloud computing benefits
I’ve listed various reasons to select Nuvolat cloud computing for enterprise environment. Just take a quick look on it if you are into business. Let’s start.

  1. Nuvolat has cloud resources which is capable of scaling up the capacity of your total firm.
  2. It sets out cost directly towards aligned usage of the IT resource.
  3. You can achieve profitable and best outcome without wasting any excess cost on software and hardware. Business vaporization can be established on a single domain.
  4. Reduce operational expenses incomparably. Manage enormous data at ease with Nuvolat.

Why Nuvolat Cloud computing is the best/most suitable?

I have shown how Nuvolat cloud computing is efficient for an enterprise or an individual. Now, I like to highlight some of its best features to understand more about cloud computing.


A company requires a bit extra bandwidth to run their site often.  Cloud-based are the most suitable to carry a load of a company website since it located on cloud and big enough to deliver enough space.

Cloud servers are flexible and it doesn’t come from an external source. It is very useful to boost your business opportunities and save valuable time. Utilize fast, easy to manage cloud computing and avoid unnecessary downtime in prime hour.

Disaster Recovery

No need to think about backups even if you lost files due to an error. You can recover all of your files easily by using cloud service.

The Cloud computing company handles everything so that you won’t face any trouble. Those enterprises that are running on cloud services seem to perform better and retrieve data faster if anything happens.

Automatic Software Updates

Cloud computing service team can work on the demand of their customers effortlessly. It delivered even before the client desires fit it.  I mean the server maintenance, important updates, data recovery and all other things processed by the cloud computing company.

Inbound Insights & Social Intelligence

A Company needs to extend their business network on social media usually to reach new clients.  That’s why it requires a tracking system to maintain all data in one place. Isn’t it?

Cloud Computing is an optimum method to track social media engagement for the sales department. The company can utilize same information at the same time from different location via cloud services. It is one of the biggest attractions behind cloud computing server.

Optimal Value of Business and High Performance

Cloud computing will make sure to get the most out of your investments. Speed is remarkably more superior to your actual expectation on your business website. It’s the best you can attain within an affordable range.


Final Words

I’ve mentioned all the features of Nuvolat Cloud computing service. I did tell you why you should use it if you are business owner as well. It costs a little more to buy cloud server than others in the beginning. But it is considerable by looking at the facilities you are about to put in your bag. You will get good return when your business will be up and running after a while.

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