How To Take Screen Shots(Screen capture) Without Software

Need of screen shots is very important in our business like buying and selling every kind of stuff but it is very important in internet industries to buy and selling domain or blogs. There are various kind of software are available in the market to take an awesome pictures and screen shots. But I am going to tell you a very simple and easy method to take a screen shots without using any software. for this you need to a Microsoft office installed compute or laptop.



Take screen capture by using word documents:

Here I am writing step by step procedure to take screen shots by Microsoft word documents

Step 1: Right click on your desktop and click in New

Step 2: Click on Microsoft word Documents

step 3: Now open the word documents and click on Insert

Step 4: Then click on screenshot

Step 5: After that click on screen clipping

Step 6: Now select the area which you have to capture the screen

Step 7: Now your captured Image will shown up on your word document open file

Step 8: Right click on captured image after that select save as

Step 9: Now give the name of your images and set the file type and  location where you have to save the images

Step 10: Click on save and your images will saved in particular loacations.


Conclusion :


How simple was this tricks to take a screen capture without using any  software . if you like this  article please do share in social media and with your friends . keep visiting for more stuff like this .

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