Download Youtube Video without Any Software

YouTube is largest videos sharing websites among all .it is  globle rank 3 sites after Google and Facebook because it is also own by goggle. here you can find all kind of videos because it allow to upload the videos and earn through ad sense so it is very lucrative for people to upload and download videos
for watching YouTube videos you should have good internet connection otherwise videos starts buffering which irritates the viewers, and you can’t download direct YouTube videos for downloading its required any downloading software like internet download manager/YouTube downloader. but here we are giving you a tricks to downloads YouTube videos without  using any software

let us discuss the downloading process of youTube videos step by step:

1.go to to the  and open the videos which you want
2. you will find your video link in top of your browser such like that

3.after this remove   https://www. add ss or save before youtube such as And click enter will redirect you to a sites name  .and here you can choose any video formats
and click to downloads
6. lastly your videos will be download in your download section of  your pc

you can also use the software to download YouTube videos& also try to above method for quick downloads

This was very simple method to download any kind of youtube video
if  have you any doubts please don’t hesitate to ask freely and put your comments in your comment box also share this with your friends and social network to enjoy more people.

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