How To Download Facebook Video Without software

We know that Facebook is top social media sites to connect, chat and share information among the people of world. According to Alexa rank Facebook is the 2nd most popular sites after Google. Millions of the people open Facebook daily to share pictures videos thoughts and many more, Facebook has great features like video chat creating cartoons playing chess also create awesome videos. People share videos on Facebook and may people want to download it, but they don’t know how to download Facebook videos.
Hence we are going to reveal the step by step tricks to download Facebook video easily without using any software.

Download Facebook Videos:

1. Open the video which you want to download
2. Find the video link in the Facebook link column in the top as shown in the figure.
3. After finding the link remove the http://www and replace them by m
4. Now Your link looks like
5. Select the link and hit enter. in few seconds you will redirect the mobile Facebook sites
6. Play the video and right click on them and now click on save as option
7. Your video is now to start downloading into your pc or laptop

Yeah your video is now ready to use off line this the formats in can convert it any format or simply use VLC media player to play any kind of video.


So this was the simple tips to download Facebook video without any software. I hope you people enjoy this tricks to download funny romantic or any kind of Facebook video. Share it into your friends and social media sites like Facebook twitter to reach many people, keep visiting for more stuff like this.

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