How To Block Website From Internet Access

Block Website from Internet Access

After the invention of Internet, the world moved into a new dimension. We can get anything from Internet. If you need some information about an organization, Hospital, courses offered by different Universities and what not? Everything what you think of is available on internet. Getting benefited by a certain thing is entirely depends on the way how we use. Gone are the days to go to different institutions to learn new courses.

How To Block Websites From Internet

Now, with the help of internet you can learn without spending single penny. Apart from those useful things, there are some bad things which we all aware of. Our younger sisters and brothers or children who are minors should not browse some of the websites. Along with the exposure of world cinema and different reality shows internet provides adult contents which in turn spoil our children. We should take some steps to avoid those websites which has adult content.

In this article we will see How To Block Websites from Internet access

To block websites from internet access, we have to edit a file called host. Please follow the steps

Step 1 : Please go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc. You can find hosts file. This is for Windows XP, Vista, and 7, If the OS is installed  on C drive. If not then go to OS installed directory. You have to simply replace C: with OS installed drive name.

Step 2 :  Edit the file named hosts using notepad or notepad++. I have opened using Notepad++

Step 3 : Now, we have to make an entry after the last line to block any website.Block Website from Internet

Step 4 : Please check the following entry which I made. In the above entry you can see that, has been added. Now, I cannot access both websites from my system

Step 4 : After the entries made, please save the file and restart your computer to test the changes.


Final Words

We have seen How To Block Websites from Internet access. Hope you understood the process. Please block adult sites, so then you can protect your children and younger sibling watching porn sites.  Feel free to ask questions if you have any.

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